Frequently Asked Questions

What is style coaching?

It’s a blend of virtual styling and confidence coaching.  

How are style and confidence related?

The psychology of fashion shows a connection between what you wear, how you think, and how you feel. You can influence your feelings simply through the clothing you wear.

Do I have to buy new clothes when I work with Samantha?

No, you don’t have to buy new clothes! Samantha will work with you and the current items you have in your wardrobe. If needed, she might suggest new pieces within your budget so you can expand your wardrobe when you are ready.

How does Samantha style virtually?

All sessions are held via Zoom.  If Samantha is helping you by styling outfits, she will ask you to take photos of individual items in your closet and upload them to a folder.  From there, she will create outfits for you, using the images you send.

Is Samantha going to change my style and make me wear things I don’t want to wear?

No, Samantha will not alter your style. Style coaching focuses on embracing your body shape, understanding the colors that flatter you, discovering your style, gaining confidence in the clothing you wear, and projecting confidence. Samantha is not looking to change your style, she’s working with you to discover it.

Are there refunds?

Samantha is confident you will be happy with the service you receive.  Due to the nature of the service, there are no refunds.

What if I live outside of the SF Bay Area?

That’s not a problem! All of Samantha’s services are virtual.

Why do I need a style coach?

Who doesn't want to save time, feel confident, and look great?  Whether you are applying for a job, seeking that promotion, running a business, or managing the home, style coaching is for you.

What qualifications does Samantha have?

Samantha has a bachelor’s degree in fashion design as well as seven years in the fashion industry. During her time in the industry, she worked various jobs as a designer, trend forecaster, and stylist. She also completed her life coaching certification through an International Coaching Federation accredited program.


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