This planner has go-to outfits that will save you time every morning. Not only that, but these outfits will leave you feeling confident and stylish throughout the summer months.  

Have you ever...

  • Thought you have nothing to wear despite having a full closet?
  • Felt like you weren't fashionable?
  • Been overwhelmed with shopping?

You're not alone! This Outfit Planner was made just for you. 

What's Included

  • 30 Outfit Outlines- to simplify getting ready
  • Digital Catalog- shop curated items to help you recreate all 30 looks
  • Styling Tips- to help you look and feel your best
  • Style Intentions-a tool to help you pick which Outfit Outline to wear
  • Weekly Outfit Planner- to plan your Outfit Outlines for the week

The Details

30 Outfit Outlines

This is where the time saving comes in! With an Outfit Outline, you'll know exactly what pieces to grab from your closet.  An Outfit Outline will look something like this: graphic tee + midi skirt + sandals

Digital Catalog

A digital catalog where you can shop all the outfits shown in the planner plus some. There's a wide range of items to fit every budget, shape, and style.

Styling Tips

A styling tip for each Outfit Outline to help you look and feel your best! It's like having your own personal stylist. 

Outfits To Fit Your Lifestyle

All 30 Outfits can be modified to fit your preferences and lifestyle.

Style Intention

A style intention is determined based on two main questions. Answering these questions will help you find an Outfit Outline to wear for the day.


Do I have to buy a ton of new clothes?

You are highly encouraged to shop your closet! You can use pieces you already own and supplement where needed with items from the digital catalog.

Will this work for my body shape?

Yes! Outfit Outlines will work for all body shapes.

I don't wear a specific color, print or, style.  Can I still use this?

Absolutely. Outfit Outlines are meant to guide you. They serve as an outline for what to wear. If you don't like wearing shorts, you can swap them out for a skirt. If you don't like to wear stripes, you can wear a dot print instead. You always have a choice in what you wear.

Will the Outfit Outlines work for my lifestyle?

The outfits are casual; however, they can easily be adapted to fit your lifestyle. If you need to head into the office, swap jeans out for dress pants! There are several outfit modifications offered throughout the planner.

Does this mean everyone is wearing the exact same outfit at the same time?

No, an Outfit Outline is super flexible. It’s meant to be stretched, twisted, and pulled to fit your needs!

For example, here are three ways you might wear this one Outfit Outline: Stripe Tee + Olive Shorts + Sandals.  

  1. For that meeting with investors, the sun is out, and you’re looking to feel confident: Stripe Blouse + Olive Pants (because you’re running the meeting) + Strappy Sandals. 
  2. For taking the kids to their soccer game, it’s humid, and you’re ready to be comfortable: Stripe Tee + Olive Shorts + Slide Sandals.
  3. For an outfit that will take you from work to date night, it’s warm out, and you’re looking to feel feminine: Stripe Tank + Olive denim skirt (you’re feeling flirty) + Strappy Sandals.

I have more questions. Who can I talk to?

You can ask Samantha by clicking on the "Contact" tab.

Happy Styling!