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3 Spring Outfits You’ll Want To Wear ASAP

Ready to refresh your Spring wardrobe? Here are three Spring outfits perfect for your day-to-day needs.

Business Casual

Blazer + Blouse+ Denim + White Shoes

I'm loving this business casual outfit! Blazers can be tricky, especially if you have broad shoulders. Pro tip: look for a knit or stretch woven blazer for a more comfortable and flattering fit.

Brunch With Friends

Jean Jacket + Dress + White Shoes

White sneakers are a staple in my closet! They go so well with jeans, shorts, skirts, and dresses. Depending on the shoe fabric, you can keep your sneakers clean by throwing them in the wash, using a magic eraser, or spot cleaning with a damp cloth.

Running Errands

Lightweight Jacket + Basic tee + Black Bottom + Neutral Shoes

You can't go wrong with joggers! Pairing them with a mule is a fantastic way to dress them up.

You can shop all of these looks in the digital catalog. Tell me below, which outfit are you going to re-create?

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11 of the Best Bras For Your Favorite Strapless Dress

From strapless to low back bras

Spring is well underway and Summer is just around the corner. With the promise of warm weather and outdoor dining, comes along strappy tanks, backless dresses, and strapless tops. While shopping for the Summer Outfit Planner (you can still grab your FREE Spring planner here), I noticed so many dresses that called for creative bra solutions like low back bras, strapless bras, or convertible bras. I pulled together a list of highly-rated bras that will solve your Spring and Summer wardrobe needs. Here are 11 of the best bras in a variety of colors, styles, and fabrics to try out this season.

Strapless Bras

Cacique Multi- Way Bra (Starts at $54.95) This is a plus size, multi-function (7 ways to wear) bra and it comes in three colors.

Wacoal Red Carpet Convertible Strapless Bra ($68.00) This bra has molded cups with an underwire. The 3-4 hook closure keeps this strapless bra in place!

Victoria's Secret Lightly Lined Strapless Bra ($49.50) This bra is worth the investment! There are 5 ways to wear it, which makes it perfect for traveling. Say goodbye to packing three different bras in your suitcase.

Victoria's Secret Lightly Lined Multi- way Bra (Starts at $59.50) This bra is pretty much the same as the lightly lined strapless, but it includes a lace trim.

Felina Body Luxe Convertible Underwire Contour Bra ($48.00) This is a contour bra with hidden underwire

Thirdlove 24/7 Classic Strapless Bra ($65.00) This bra comes in a wide range of sizes (available in sizes A- I). It features a half cup with a nickel-free underwire

Low Back Bras

Simone Perele Eden Multi- Position Backless Convertible Bra ($120) This is a convertible bra with a lace trim and it's available in 3 colors.

Jezebel Women's Embrace Backless Convertible Extreme Plunge Push-Up Bra ($38) This plunge and backless bra is offered in sizes 32B-38DD.

Plunge Front Bras

Bare Necessities Va Bien Marquise Plunge Longline Bra ($85) This bra is offered in EU Sizes. It's a longline bra that comes in two colors.

Maidenform Women's Sexy Plunge Convertible Bra- Fully Adjustable (Starts at $29.79). This bra is offered in sizes 34A - 38H.

What's your favorite bra to wear for strapless dresses? Let me know in the comments below!

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This Is Why Style Is A Form Of Communication

What are you saying with your style?

Like it or not, your style is a form of communication.  It’s the first thing someone sees about you, well before you start speaking.  So how can you start using it to communicate your needs and wants? 

Before jumping into that, it’s important to acknowledge the difference between style and fashion.  Style is a form of expression and communication. It’s the unique way that you decide to pair those sneakers with that dress or those jeans with that top.  It’s the way you stack your bracelets, wear those heels, and walk out the door with a little pep in your step.  Style is uniquely you, while fashion is external to your own doing.  Someone else determines fashion.  It’s the trends you see in blogs, the outfits you find on models and mannequins, and the pieces of clothing defining a specific time in culture.  Fashion is something that exists outside of you.  

"Style is uniquely you, while fashion is external to your own doing."

Samantha Arrowood

Now that we’ve covered the difference between style and fashion, we can jump into how your style is a form of nonverbal communication.  Did you know that people make their first impression of you within 7 seconds of meeting?  That means the clock starts ticking the second they see you.  So make effective use of those 7 seconds and be intentional with your communication.  One way to do that is to dress the part. What you’re wearing and how you pull it together is a reflection of you and projects your intentions.  Case and point, you wouldn’t wear jeans and a tee to an interview with a law firm. In this instance, you are communicating a lack of respect and seriousness for the job at hand. Therefore, you are most likely walking away without a job offer.

The colors you wear might be communicating a story you don't want to be telling. Did you know that the colors you wear evoke feelings in others and yourself? It's probably not something you currently consider when you're getting dressed, but you might want to start. For instance, red is a polarizing color. It creates strong feelings and those feelings can vary depending on the situation you're in. If you're giving a presentation and wearing red, you might feel strong and confident, but others might feel intimidated. If you're wearing red and heading on a date, you might be evoking a feeling of love. If you're wearing red at a sporting event, you might feel and communicate aggression. This is why it’s important to be mindful of the clothing you wear, especially the colors, and use them to your advantage.

Photo Credit: Alexandra Gorn

So, the next time you’re getting ready for an interview, heading into that investor’s meeting, or getting ready for a PTA meeting, consider your style and how you’re presenting yourself.  Your style is an extension of you, and it’s sending a message even when you aren’t speaking. 

Need a little guidance on how to finesse your style or nail those colors? You’re in luck because I’m currently accepting new clients!  Check out my services or send me a message to learn more.  

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How to Wear A Velvet Blazer

Topshop velvet blazer with old navy top and frame jeans.

Pair your blazer with a button-up shirt, jeans, and block heels. This outfit is perfect for casual Fridays at work! Complete your look with huggie earrings and a tote.

Topshop velvet blazer with midi skirt and graphic tee.  Kate Spade bag and bauble bar necklace.

Wear your blazer with a graphic tee and midi skirt. Tuck the shirt into your skirt and complete your outfit with a chain necklace, crossbody bag, and heeled boots.

Topshop velvet blazer with sheath dress, leopard heels, bauble bar necklace and black bag.

Wear your blazer with a fitted sheath dress. Make sure your dress is a bright color to make the velvet blazer stand out. This outfit will take you from work to dinner. Accessorize with a printed heel and layered necklaces.

Let me know in the comments below which outfit is your favorite!

Shop the items here, here, and here.

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Winter Florals

Style Tip

In the winter, opt for a dark floral. The dark ground color is perfect for the grey winter months. It also helps the colors of the floral print look more vibrant!

Dress and Earrings: Target

Reversible Bag: Street Level

Boots: Veronica Beard

Coat: Vero Moda

Shop the items here and here.

Note: Some of the links included may be automatically affiliated. This helps support my business and allows me to keep my rates what they are while spending the time necessary to find and create these recommendations.

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5 Simple Ways To Stop Overthinking And Start Doing

Did you know that most women only apply for a promotion if they meet close to 100% of the criteria? Men will apply for the same promotion even if they only meet 50% of the criteria. Women tend to stop themselves before they have a chance to succeed. I know I have.

I’ve stopped myself from doing so many things in my life.  For instance, when I was a designer, I would hold myself back by overthinking a design.  I would tell myself that a concept wasn’t creative enough, it wasn’t forward-thinking, and it wasn’t saleable.  Eventually, those words turned into, “I’m not creative enough.”  Stopping myself from taking a risk aided in creating a downward spiral for me.  That is the power of stopping yourself before you even have a chance to succeed.  I’m sharing with you five ways to stop overthinking and start acting on your goals before you’re ready.  Trust me, you want to read this.

Write it down

Write your goal on a sticky note and place it somewhere you will see it every day. Doing this one, simple step will increase your chances of achieving your goal by 42%. Write your motivation on another sticky note and place it next to your goal. It's important to make sure your motivation is greater than your goal. Your motivation is going to drive you when you feel underprepared, unqualified, and out of energy.

Break it apart

Working towards something new is exciting, scary, and overwhelming. Take a step back and break apart your goal:

  •  What steps do you need to take to achieve your goals? 
  •  Which steps are you looking forward to taking? 
  •  Which steps are going to be the most challenging? 

Breaking down your goal will help you organize your thoughts, feelings, and actions.  I find it helpful to write in my journal or work with my coach during this step. Talking through your goal will inevitably bring clarity!  These achievable milestones will produce mini victories that keep you going in the right direction. You will reach your goal faster by taking small steps.

Acknowledge It

Acknowledge the fact that you must do things you don’t want to do so you can achieve your goal. You have two options when you get to a point of resistance: you either turn around or you create a plan to get through. In full transparency, it’s also probably why you haven’t achieved this goal in the past.  It requires a level of discomfort and a conscious effort to achieve your goals. 

"Want" It

Replace "should" and "shouldn’t" with "want" or "don’t want".  Swapping these words will shift your mindset or help clarify what you really want.  Here are some examples:

Instead of these... 
  • “I should start exercising because that's what I'm supposed to do.” 
  • “I should apply for that promotion because it's the next logical step for my career.” 
  • "I shouldn't spend money on taking a vacation."
Try these... 
  • “I want to exercise more because I want to take care of myself.” 
  • “I want to apply for that promotion because it will bring more opportunities my way."  
  • "I don't want to spend money on a vacation because I'm saving up for a new car."

Just Act

You can talk yourself in circles all day.  Sometimes, you need to dive in and just do it.  It’s better to start something from where you are than to not start at all.

The truth is you might never feel ready to start working on a goal.  There will always be an excuse for why you can't take that next big step in your life. You have to want your goal badly enough. The question is, do you?  

Need a little extra help getting there?  Set up a free session to learn how we can work together.

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