Meet Samantha


Samantha is a style coach who takes the stress out of getting dressed every morning.  She styles women so they can claim back their time and energy so they can focus on what matters most to them.

She also believes in the power of an outfit.  A great outfit can make you feel confident, attractive, and motivated.  That's why Samantha loves style coaching.  She loves helping clients connect the dots between what they're trying to achieve and how their style can help them get there. 

Samantha spent seven years in the fashion industry working as a designer, trend forecaster, and stylist.  After a few too many long days, Samantha decided to re-examine her career path.  She set out to find a career that allowed her to work face to face with clients.

After taking some time off, Samantha enrolled in the Life Purpose Institute and became a certified life coach.  She decided to combine her background in fashion design and life coaching to become a style coach.

When Samantha isn't styling women, she's spending time drinking coffee, riding her Peloton, and traveling with her husband and rescue chihuahua.

Your Power. Your Style.
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